How To Determine If An Expired Domain Is A Quality Domain

Expired domains are the easiest way to get traffic without worrying about how well your new domain will fare. The advantages of choosing an expired domain is that they come ready with desirable SEO metrics such as domain authority, backlinks, page authority, page rank, age and trust flow.

Why would a domain expire?

An aged domain can expire for various reasons, some of which are listed below:

  1. The domain owner simply forgot to renew the registration
  2. It is not viable to keep the domain up and running
  3. The business associated with the domain has shut down

Once a domain expires, it is available for bidding in an auction. The highest bidder then becomes eligible to buy and register the domain.

How to find a quality domain?

If you go on the internet and search for expired domains, you will find close to a couple million sites and it can be a daunting task to choose the right one. But all hope is not lost as there are a few things to look for in an expired domain that will tell you if it is a high quality domain that will fetch you the returns you are expecting.

What you should look for?

So before you take the plunge and buy an expired domain, make sure you have done enough research of it with the following factors in mind.

  1. Domain Age

Search engines find older domains to be more trustworthy. You can make use of this factor while selecting your expired domain. Though a domain that is a decade old might be a better choice, even those that are only a couple of years old have a good ranking too.

  1. Domain DA and PA

The domain authority and the page authority are just as important for an expired domain as it is for a live site. When you search expired domains you should check for both the domain and page authority. A domain with a DA of more than 25 qualifies as a good one.

  1. Page rank

A high page rank is of course necessary to choose a good quality expired domain, but it could also be a result of manipulation. So when you search expired domains, choose only those with ‘No Fake PRs’ and ‘Unsure PRs’ so that the page rank is a true one.

Sometimes a domain could have no page rank because it has no content but has a good link profile. These are also good candidates for your new domain.

  1. Google ban

Sometimes you will find an exceptional good domain with high scores on PA, DA and even page rank but it will be useless if it cannot be found on search engines as Google could have banned it.

In case you find the domain to be too good, then you can also appeal to Google with a ban reconsideration request.

  1. Adsense ban

Another common feature of many expired domains that you need to be wary of is an Adsense ban by Google. Many online tools will allow you to check if ads are being displayed on the expired domain that you are interested in.

  1. DMAS entry

An easy way to find a quality expired domain is to look for a DMAS entry. A domain without one could have a lot of spam.

  1. History

Even if an expired domain seems like the right one for you, it is always better to check what niche it catered to in the past. You don’t want to be dealing with a website that was selling some controversial stuff or could have been used by a spammer.

You can find tools on the internet which will help you look at the timeline of the domain and will even let you see how it looked like originally at any given date.

  1. Dropping

Be wary of sites that have been dropped from the registry multiple times. This is because Google can reduce the value of links that are associated with such domains.