Enjoy the Montreal F1 race but don’t forget to Consider Special Things to do for Enjoyment

No doubt, Montreal is smaller than most of the famous metropolitans in the world but it has an unbelievable amount of energy, tradition and culture. Visiting this Canadian city would give you a new experience about tourism. There are hundreds of amazing places to visit and things to do. It would be great if you learn about the most exciting activities to do in Montreal in order to make this weekend more energetic and memorable.

People who have settled all the matters before the starting of the Montreal F1 race should not forget to get information about top things to do in the city. It has been noticed that formula one car race attracts thousands of viewers every day. This sports event is organized for three days but there is a schedule to follow. Tourists coming from other cities and countries are recommended to check the schedule in order to plan other activities in the city.

Go Sunday Funday : Piknic Electronic and Tam Tams offers drum beats to start a relaxing day. This would be a great experience to dance at the rhythmic drum beats of Piknic Electronic with a drink in your hands. Couples are suggested to visit this place for a romantic experience. It is also recommended to avoid high heels if you are interested to dance on every beat.

Try a Bagel : This is a special food option. Most of the Americans prefer to try bagels whenever they visit Montreal to see the sports. It is strongly recommended to try the sweet bagels especially if you have not tried this food before.

Enjoy the Quebec Culture : It is celebrated on every 24th of June in the Province of Quebec. Remember, this is just like a festival in which people parade from one place to another. This cultural festival would be an amazing opportunity to see the tradition in Montreal. You are suggested to try this event whenever you visit Montreal.

Visit Parc La Fontaine : This is a famous place known for the drinking. Tourists or visitors are served with chilling wine at this special place. It would be great if you bring some kind of solid food when visiting this place. Remember, this picnic rule in order to enjoy the chilling wine at Parc La Fontaine.

Enjoy Montreal Firework : This is organized by the cultural department and it is a famous gathering opportunity for the tourists. Visit the Old Port to see this firework. This festival is also known as Aka the Montreal Firework Festival. This amazing firework will please your kids, especially in summers.

Try Beer at Habs Game : Tourists who have finished the segment of the Montreal F1 race should not forget to try the beer at Bell Centre. Remember, this beer is among the most expensive drinks offered in Montreal. Therefore you must keep your pockets up whenever planning to visit the Bell Centre.

Visit Cinema L’Amour : This place is not for families. In fact, it is a sex theatre which offers historical landmark. This theatre was established in 1914. This is a best place for the couples and friends willing to enjoy the nightlife in Montreal. Don’t forget to expect someone special outside especially when you are alone or with friends.

Get drag Queen : Well, it is a special drink available at Cabaret Mado. Those who are looking for romance and love should not forget to visit this village. You can find a girl or boy to spend time. Just buy a drink and share with them to get an unforgettable experience. You can also get a new friend to visit the Montreal F1 race.

Would you like to find more? Remember, there are so many things you can find to enjoy the time in Montreal. It is recommended to choose the most attractive things to do. This will double the pleasure of visiting the most famous sports event in Montreal with your friends and family members.