Questions Answered About Autolikesig

If you are thinking of using autolikesig to promote your profile on Instagram, there is no doubt you will have some questions in your mind.

Already Instagram is a new kid on the block with only a few months of web existence to its credit. And then we have this new way of automatic liking to help you promote your page.

So, it is surely possible that you might like have some answers before deciding to go for autolikesig :

  1. What are the Payment options Available to pay:
    1. You can pay via a credit or a debit card or even net banking.
  1. How does we go about the subscription process.
  2. You can go for the subscription depending on the duration you wish from a day to a week or a month.
  3. If you are not interested in a regular subscription, Autolikesig also offers a one-time payment option. In that case you don’t need to choose the auto renewal option. You also have the option to cancel from your Paypal account.
  4. They also have an Unsubscribe option which you can click and unsubscribe from the subscription.
  5. You can also upgrade or downgrade his subscription by just a click and someone will contact you to discuss your requirements.
  6. It is possible that sometimes when you want just a one day subscription that the same has not been enabled within 24 hours. So what do you do? Sometimes it is possible by the time it gets activated another day subscription gets debited from your account. Don’t worry. Autolikesig will refund the extra one day that you have paid for. You can just get this refund by clicking on the Refund option on Contact Us page. They will do the needful.
  7. If by any chance your subscription gets renewed automatically, you can again ask for the refund by going on Contact Us Page. They will automatically refund your money and remove your account from their service. You don’t need to post this concern.
  1. Time taken to activate your Account: After you have paid online, they will usually take anytime between 30 – 60 minutes to set up your subscription. Once you get your email, then you can take it as the confirmation of activation of your subscription. However there can be a few exceptions to this rule:
    1. Sometimes, you might be in another part of the world and the time zones might differ. This could delay the activation process.
    2. If you have made the payment during a weekend, it may not be cleared within 60 minutes. It could take a bit longer but the activation will surely get done soon. So this is not a cause to worry.
    3. It is also a possibility that the email confirmation has gone to you in your email but in your Spam or Junk Folder. Please check on it.
  1. How often can I see likes on my posts: The new posts get liked every 10 to 50 minutes from their end. Once they see your post, they will start sending likes to your posts. And you on the other end can start seeing these likes.
  1. Can there be a delay in seeing my Likes after I have made a post: Yes, it is possible as sometimes Instagram does not allow their server to access the post within 20 minutes so, they will try after 30-40 minutes. This can delay the likes on your post. However, please note that usually Autolikesig tries its best to reduce the server downtime from its end and ensures that you can see the likes as fast as possible.
  1. Is my account information safe: Yes, absolutely. They don’t ask your password or any of your account details so you are safe from any such concerns. However, please keep your profile always public.
  1. How to reach the company to ask any questions: It is surely possible that you might want to ask some more questions. You can visit their FAQ page. They have space to mention your reason for contacting them, your name, last name, email id, Instagram Profile (optional) and your question. Once this information is received by them, they will respond to your query within 24 hours.