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At Sydney pest solutions team we can help you minimize the inconvenience of a mosquito infestation wherever you need it. The most characteristic of mosquitoes, are their annoying bites, which although they are not painful, they do that the person who has suffered it, is annoyed by the stinging and itching they produce, because when a mosquito bites us, in reality, what it really does is inject a natural blood anticoagulant, so that suction can be easier, being this substance, which produces the symptoms described. Mosquitoes are usually installed in areas where they can find the necessary food, water, and moisture, so they can continue to develop; these places are usually landscaped areas, lakes, rivers, or ponds. The reproductive process of mosquitoes is much accelerated since they lay eggs very quickly if they find the right conditions for their reproduction.

Its greatest activity occurs at dawn or dusk, where they can easily find their food, in this case, human blood. On numerous occasions, they also develop later on when a disaster occurs due to flood or humidity in a dwelling or other type of facilities.

Some of the recommendations to try to avoid them are:

  • Do not wear clothing with light or bright colors.
  • Do not apply colognes or perfumes with fruity or sweet scents.
  • The use of natural substances that can repel them (such as eucalyptus or citronella), without forgetting that simply these methods, will repel them, but in no case will solve the problem.
  • The installation of mosquito nets in the windows, or keep them closed.
  • Pay attention to our indoor plants, because in their land, they can harbor mosquito larvae.

To solve your mosquito plague problem, it is important to solve it, through the systems that its team of professional technicians recommends, such as electric, adhesive or luminous traps, and sometimes performing professional treatments of Sydney pest solutions team, such as fumigations and nebulizations, with the aim of ending the plague of mosquitoes and their larvae in your facilities. For gardens and plants, the corresponding phytosanitary treatment must be carried out. Ask for a budget without commitment.

Flying insect pests solution at Sydney pest solutions team:

We eliminate pests of flying insects: flies, wasps, chickens, mosquitoes… In the category of flying insects, we find the most common pests that are often found in the facilities; being these, the plagues of flies, mosquitoes, wasps, or moths .It is often difficult to treat this type of pest, because often its origin is not known, or the appropriate methods are not used to eliminate the pest; for that reasons, we will indicate the best treatment for each type of pest, being 100% effective by 100 %.

These Sydney pest solutions team can be professional fumigation in the form of the emulsion, or else, the nebulization, discharge of gas that causes the biocide to penetrate any nook of our facilities. Likewise, these treatments can be complemented with electric or adhesive type traps, which will prevent the pest from developing and eventually disappearing. If you have not yet managed to eliminate your flying insect pest; we recommend that you contact us to make a personalized budget along with the appropriate recommendations to eliminate your plague, ask for a budget without commitment.

Fly pests

From us, we can help you eliminate fly pests in Sydney. Contact our professionals and ask for a budget without commitment for our disconnection service. A plague of flies, can be very annoying in your home or business, in addition, transmit diseases to humans through pathogenic microorganisms. Sydney pest solutions team will always perform a review of the areas to locate the cause and act on it, advising you the best treatment against flies, such as an installation of electric or luminous type traps, sprays or fumigations, nebulizations, baits…

To prevent this type of plague, it is advisable to try to keep doors and windows tightly closed, keep the garbage cans properly closed (remember that flies are attracted to organic waste), install mosquito nets, take extreme cleaning measures, and avoid accumulations of water. If you have not yet managed to eliminate your fly plague; we recommend that you contact Sydney pest solutions team to make a personalized budget along with the appropriate recommendations to eliminate your plague, ask for a budget without commitment.

Wasp pests

Solve the problems of a wasp plague where you need it with Sydney pest solutions team. Wasp pests are dangerous since apart from the pain caused by their stings, they also produce a multitude of allergic reactions to a large part of the sensitive population; that is why we must pay attention and be especially careful. The first step to detect a plague of wasps is to know how to differentiate them since in many of the occasions we can confuse them with bees, to differentiate them we will help ourselves with the characteristics that are indicated below:

  • The wasps have bright colors, in yellow and black tones, and their body is elongated.
  • The bees, on the other hand, have darker and darker colors, along with gold, but in no case bright colors. The structure of your body is more rounded.
  • Wasps have a narrow waist, while bees do not.
  • Bees can only sting once, since their sting is linked to their digestive system, and after biting, they die. Wasps can bite and bite several times.
  • While the bee makes its hive to develop its hive and produce honey that will serve as food; the wasp creates its nest with the aim of just taking refuge, being these last carnivorous.
  • It is important to know how to differentiate them since a bee plague is protected and can only be removed by a beekeeper.

The favorite places for the wasps to develop are, among others, sheltered areas of our home (under the tiles, hollow structures, drums of blinds, etc ..); likewise, on the outside, they can take advantage of cracks and small holes to establish their nest, but they can also grow outdoors in the undergrowth. To prevent the wasps from forming their nests, monitoring traps are used which are placed at strategic points, so that they go directly to the mentioned traps since inside they harbor a powerful liquid attractant for them.