All about the surveillance camera

Do you plan to buy a new 24h surveillance camera? If so, then you should think about some things carefully! After all, you do not buy camera surveillance 24h every day. Of course, some criteria are not so important, but others are all the more important. Each 24h surveillance camera is different again and offers different advantages or disadvantages, which you should keep in mind when considering. Therefore, it is perfect to compare the individual criteria of 24h surveillance camera with each other. Have look at the zmodo camera review.

This Zmodo 8-channel kit with DVR 960H consists of a high-performance security system since it allows live viewing, recording and playback of full-screen videos in real time (30 fps per channel, 240 fps total) with a D1 resolution. It also offers high-quality viewing and recording, with a 34% increase over the standard D1 resolution and 500% over CIF. The 600TVL resolution cameras provide sharper night vision, undistorted and larger images giving a more realistic aspect of visualization. Get connected at any time and place, being able to control the entire security system from your mobile phone, tablet or PC. Check out the zmodo camera review.

960H Recording Resolution

600TVL high-resolution cameras with built-in IR system

More advanced features : 960H is a new standard for security DVRs that provides high-resolution images at an image size of 960 horizontal pixels and 480 vertical pixels and a real-time recording on the 8 channels at 15 fps.

Higher resolution : 960H DVR provides superior quality images that are 34% larger than D1 and more than 500% larger than CIF.

The true aspect ratio : 960H creates a wide-screen image that does not need to be stretched to fit TV and widescreen monitors. This zmodo camera review is a great help.

Sharper image : Recording larger images provides a greater amount of image detail.

  • The images are sharper and show in more detail in the objects and colors. 600TVL high-resolution cameras allow you to easily distinguish between people, objects and actions.
  • High-resolution 600TVL provides a clearer and more accurate image, both day and night.
  • It has the built-in IR system, which provides a more accurate color reproduction in all light conditions with clear and detailed images.
  • It has 24 high-intensity infrared LEDs providing lighting in low light situations, with a range of up to 25 meters of night vision.
  • It has an angular lens of 3.6 mm, up to 70 degrees.

Remote monitoring

  • Control the entire security system from any time and place:
  • Compatible devices: iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac
  • Compatible Internet browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer.
  • Compatibility with Mac: From a Mac, Safari allows you to view all channels at once while Mozilla only one.
  • PC Compatibility: the user can use the desktop software or an Internet browser to have the functionality of full video viewing, playback and full menu functionality.

HD port for a high-resolution display

  • The high definition port allows you to display the video on any TV screen or monitor 19 “or more to take full advantage of the quality of the system (HD cable is not included).
  • For added convenience, the DVR also comes with VGA and BNC connections for the standard display resolution options.

Weather resistant

  • Suitable cameras for both indoor and outdoor with professional quality aluminum housing.


  • Cameras have built-in IR-Cut system, which provides accurate color reproduction in all lighting conditions.


This system allows you to access the visualization, recording, reproduction, backup and remote access through the mobile phone at the same time.

H.264 video compression : The DVR uses H.264 compression to deliver high-quality video while maximizing hard disk storage capacity.

Multiple recording modes : Continuous recording, scheduled recording by time or motion and detected alarm recording are available for your choice. In addition to protecting your privacy through the “mask” function.

Instant notification by email : Receive instant alerts by email when movement is detected, the alarm is activated, there is loss of video occurs, etc.

Backup : Easy transfer of surveillance files to a PC, Flash Drive or USB in order to free up space for the new video. See this zmodo camera review.

Multi-User Management : The administrator user has the maximum authority and controls all functions. You can share the files to your friends or relatives, without loss of information.

Multiple viewing options : You can view the cameras at the same time in a split screen or see 1 camera at a time in full screen with the option to scroll through each of the cameras at a custom speed.

Reproduction modes : Supports normal playback, fast forward, rewind playback, playback of a single manual frame, you can also simply drag the playback progress bar to quickly locate playback time. It also supports playback of several channels simultaneously, and each channel can be expanded to full screen.

Easy search options : In order to easily identify an event, this DVR allows you to search for recorded video by time, motion detection event or alarm trigger event.

Easy to use navigation : The user-friendly interface allows you to move through the menus with a single click.

A MORE POWERFUL APPLICATION : After the initial configuration, the DVR will be identified with your user account so that no one else will be able to access your videos and camera without your permission. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your privacy and your loved ones are safe.

Save and relive treasured moments : Our Zsight app allows you to easily record video on your mobile device to save the most precious moments. Robust playback features let you relive and share those moments at any time.

Never Without noticing your loved ones : You do not have to be on your PC or DVR to monitor your property and loved ones ever again. With advanced motion detection and alert features, you will always stay informed about the welfare of the things that you treasure the most.

Update the firmware through your mobile device : Updating your firmware has never been so easy. Our application will tell you if there is an update available; all you have to do is touch a button and let Zsight do the work. Have a look at the zmodo camera review.