The tool for basic pruning tasks – folding saw

Among the tasks related to gardening, there are a series of tools that are characteristic of each one. For example, for pruning, you should use different ones to plant. In this post, we are going to talk about the first ones, so if you think you do not have all the ones you should or want to make sure you need to have your complete pruning kit, you are in the right place. Pruning is one of the techniques that allow us to give nature the shape that we like the most. This is also characterized because it is a basic work of the gardener that facilitates the plants to grow in a more balanced way. There are many basic tools for basic pruning tasks but the best one is the folding saw.

The saw is deemed to be the tool for basic pruning tasks. With conventional saws, the good face will be the superior, since the cut is in the outward movement. With the Japanese saws is just the opposite. With the jigsaw, the good face is the bottom one, since the blade cuts in the upward movement. With a circular saw, the good face will also be the bottom one, since the direction of rotation of the disc is contrary to the linear cutting movement. In some good stationary and professional disc saws, the problem of the bad face is solved with a small counter-rotating disc or blades (incisors) that go in front of the cutting disc itself.

To develop this task, in the market there are a series of special tools for any type of pruning, varying in price and quality, depending on what you are looking for. You will not need the same utensils if you make the pruning very occasionally then if you do it frequently. What they should gather these tools are some features, such as cut well, not too light and have a spring mechanism, so that force is not necessary.

Pruning saws as the tool for basic pruning tasks:

The pruning saws are one of those tools that sooner than later any person dedicated to the world of pruning in general or pruning in height, will end up buying and investing in a good saw to prune trees, branches, etc. The current most important brands within the sector and that manufacture and commercialize pruning saws, although there are other brands also within the world of gardening that are totally reliable and whose saws you can buy with confidence and with them prune those branches of your garden in a particular way and without danger.

Below is a list of what could be a selection of saw for pruning work that you can use to get an idea of what exists and opt for one or the other according to the requirements you have in your annual pruning. You will have to look at points such as the size of the blade, the handle and its reinforcements, the material with which the saw is built, etc.

A pruning saw for pruning which has triple-sided Japanese jaggedness and is suppose to be the tool for basic pruning tasks with an integral temper on the blade and double on the teeth, all with a varnished handle that gives an elegant and professional air with which you can prune branches of the most comfortable. The curved steel blade will facilitate your tasks in the garden. This folding pruning saw is not only a perfect tool, professional and quality Bellota brand. It is also beautiful and elegant, a saw that you will be proud to wear and take to show off your work. Curved and conical blade of special steel laminated with safety system as it is a folding saw to occupy the least possible space. And a handle of double material that adapts to the hand of ergonomic form ideal for the pruning of woody plants.

It is an authentic serrated tool. We are before Japanese saw with serrated blade and curve of 3300 mm. With this, there will be no branch that will resist you and you can work comfortably thanks to an ergonomic wooden handle and attention to detail. No fear of breakage because the teeth have a double thermal treatment and the handle with protector. And to accompany this pruning saw nothing more than a piece of polyamide sheath reinforced with fiberglass so you can hang it from the belt.

Where to buy tool for basic pruning tasks?

And if the previous one you liked it is even better because it can be, thanks to its adaptable handle, attached to a pole and reach those areas more distant and difficult to access that every pruner is in his day to day work with handsaws pruning. The difference of this saw is that the handle is made of steel with bolts of thread for the prestige. The work of pruning in height with this saw will now be easier for you.